Incident Command System Training

We had a great two weeks with Waterbury and Naugatuck CT fire department officers delivering Incident Command System Training. Each shift worked on creating an IAP for a six-hour operational period in response to a tornado impacting Waterbury.


About 70 officers participated in four groups. Each group attended a two-day session.

The course was funded through a grant provided to the departments. MissionCIT, having been selected to deliver the training, created custom content that included:

  • Preparing the IAP (Forms, Safety, Weather, Maps)
  • Implementing all the relevant ICS forms
  • Reviewing the ICS Cycle
  • Simulating a real-world exercise
  • Presenting to the CT Emergency Management Director
Map of Waterbury 'MixMaster'
Click on the link below to see the full 3D model!

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