Online EMT Refresher Courses

Each MissionCIT Interactive Online EMT Refresher Course is certified NREMT and NCCP Compliant and is current with this year’s updates.  We offer four (4) choices – Watch the video to learn more

Online EMT Refresher Course | emt refresher course near me
Play Video about Online EMT Refresher Course | emt refresher course near me

Take these courses at your own pace.  You will receive a secure certificate showing CE credits upon completing each of the chapters.  If your state requires additional paperwork or online completion acknowledgment from the course provider, reach out to us, and we will take care of it.

Four (4) EMT Recertification Courses

Our National Registry approved online EMT Recertification Courses are what today’s EMTs want –intuitive, flexible, interactive, and available on PC and mobile devices. Delivered via a learning management system, you can take at your own pace, track progress, download certificates, and provide proof of completion.

20 Hour NCCP Online Course

And most importantly, we respect your time as chapters are updated as things change while you learn something new from leaders in EMS.

40 Hour NREMT Online Course

Choose the course that best meets your requirements – 20 Hour NCCP or the 40 hour full NREMT course.

40 Hour NREMT Hybrid Course w/In-Person CPR  at our CT Training Centers

If you are able to visit one of our Connecticut training facilities, we also include the American Heart Association BLS CPR course for healthcare providers.

20 Hour NCCP Online Remedial Course

And if you need a remedial program to pass the NREMT online test, we combine the 20 hour NCCP refresher with our renowned study guides that help our Initial EMT Students pass the test on their first try!

Why Choose a
MissionCIT Online EMT Refresher Course?

What Today’s EMTs Want

Online, intuitive, flexible, interactive, available on PC & mobile devices.

Take At Your Own Pace

Available 24x7, watch and learn anytime, anywhere.

Learning Mgmt System

Track progress, download certificates, proof of completion

Respect For Your Time

Updated as things change, you learn from leaders in the EMS

What do you get with
a MissionCIT Online EMT Refresher Course?

Full National Registry Approved

  • ARV – 1.5 Hours
  • Cardio – 6.0 Hours
  • Trauma 1.5 Hours
  • Medical 6.0 Hours
  • Operations 5.0 Hours

Certification & Validation

  • Learning Management System validates and retains course completion
  • Course Certificates with National Registry State Course Numbers

Intuitive, Easy to Use

  • Online 24×7
  • Works on PC, Mobile
  • Listen while in the car or at work

Bonus Incident Commander (NIMS) Content

  • ICS 100 | Incident Command System
  • ICS 200 | Basic ICS for Initial Response
  • ICS 700 | National Incident Command System
  • ICS 800 | National Response Framework

Everything in the 20 Hour NCCP Plus

  • MissionCIT Initial EMT Study Guides
  • 45 Courses
  • Includes 17 Skills Videos for the Psychomotor exam

MissionCIT Study Guides - 12 Month Access

  • 45 Chapters corresponding to the NHTSA content requirements – over 300 lessons!
  • Interactive Glossaries of key vocabulary so you learn the material in context.
  • Concept Cards & Flashcards to aid your conceptual understanding of the content plus Lesson Summaries to concisely identify what’s most important.
  • Hundreds of NREMT Style questions in 50 and 100-question tests to prepare you for the actual NREMT exam.
  • As a bonus, we include skills videos to help you pass the NREMT Psychomotor Exam if needed.

Access to MissionCIT Instructors

  • Sign up for 30 or 60 minute sessions
  • Extra fee required for each Session

Everything in the 20 Hour NCCP Plus

  • NCCP – 20 Hours
  • Local – 10 Hours
  • Individual – 10 Hours
  • Bonus OSHA & NIMS

10 Hour Local Content

  • Includes additional ARV, Cardio, Medical, Ops & Trauma content
  • Note:  If your State requires specific additional courses, you are responsible to meet those requirements independently – Example (CA)
  • For CT Residents – the Human Trafficking and PTSD courses require attendance to an in-person or Virtual Instructor Led Course (Zoom) class – Contact [email protected] to learn when the next set of courses are being offered – your fees include these classes.

10 Hour Individual w/Unique MissionCIT Content

Unique MissionCIT Content includes

  • Physical Child Abuse
  • Child Sex Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking
  • LGBTQ Awareness
  • PTSD – The Trauma of Trauma
  • Illicit Drugs and Tool Kit for First Responders

Bonus OSHA Content

OSHA Courses

  • Hazardous Communications
  • Airborne Pathogens
  • Bloodborne Pathogents
  • Lockout Tagout

Everything in the 40 Hour NREMT Plus

  • CPR Card Renewal wit in-person Skills Validation
  • Bonus Content (OSHA & NIMS)

CPR Card Renewal w/In Person Skills Validation

  • AHA BLS-CPR for Healthcare Providers
  • In-person CPR Skills Validation
  • New CPR Card
  • Available at one of four (4) convenient Connecticut locations: Litchfield, Fairfield, Willimantic, or Shelton
  • MissionCIT is an authorized AHA Training Center.

Free Access to VILT State Mandated Courses

State of CT OEMS requires taking Human Trafficking and PTSD courses via an in-person or Virtual Instructor Led Course (Zoom) class –

Contact [email protected] to learn when the next set of courses are being offered – your fees include these classes.

Available EMS 'All-in-One' Service for Fire Departments

For Fire Departments with 25 or more Firefighters needing EMS recertification for their staff.  This fully managed program includes content and recertifications for:

  • CPR
  • EMR
  • EMT-B
  • EMT-A
  • EMT-P | Paramedic | 30 Hour NCCP

Plus in-person Skills sessions, CPR Card renewal, and Bonus Content is provided for OSHA and Incident Command.  All required state courses are included.

Paramedic level courses including PALS, ACLS, PHTLS, TCCC and more are available.

Sound Interesting?

Thinking about a test drive? Want to see why today’s EMS professionals are choosing MissionCIT refresher courses?

Just click on the free lesson or study guide and see for yourself!

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