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Changing the game in Entry & Promotional testing. Secure, Unbiased, Reliable.

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Immediate Results

Immediate Results

Written tests are scored within seconds. Feedback provided per local process.

Current, Verifiable Content

Developed with your reading materials. Vetted for accuracy and bias by Subject Matter Experts.

Unbiased Oral Delivery

Secure, Unbiased, Repeatable Process. Questions tailored to your department.

Custom Test Development

Entry and Promotional Tests covering virtually any FD officer level. Suite of test types.
South Burlington VT Promotional Exam
Barkhamsted Entry Exam

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Highest quality tests, updated to current NFPA standards, and current reference manuals.

Leave the hard work of test construction and scoring to our consultants. We will ensure each test item is valid and that it is an accurate measurement of the target skill or concept. Our tests are also reliable, which indicates that the measurement is consistently accurate.

Our consultants will create tests for entry and promotional processes based on current NFPA standards that can be referenced back to your specific reading list or the most current edition of textbook publications.

And, we can securely deliver and administer exams anywhere in the world, responsive to your organizational needs.

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