EMT Prep & NREMT Practice Tests

MissionCIT EMT Prep with NREMT Practice Tests is a proven methodology for passing the NREMT Written Exam on your next try.  Did you know that virtually all MissionCIT Initial EMT Class Students pass the NREMT written exam on the first try? Now, you can get access to the same interactive Study Guides, enabling you to confidently pass the NREMT exam when you follow our process.

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Why Choose MissionCIT EMT Prep & NREMT Practice Tests?

What today's Student Wants

Online, flexible, interactive, available on PC and Mobile. Glossaries, flashcards, NREMT exams & more.

Interactive Study Guides

Your get the best tools to pass the NREMT Written & Psychomotor Exam on your next try | Complete NHTSA Content.

Learning Management System

Track progress, understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Think like an EMT

You learn, not memorize, gaining the confidence that you know the material, fully prepared to do your best

Why do the MissionCIT EMT Prep & NREMT Practice Tests Work?

Why does this work? First, understand the MissionCIT EMS Educator Philosophy. Most Initial EMT classes are taught in-person or virtually by instructors from PowerPoints. MissionCIT realizes that most EMS instructors are great at providing skills and experiential learning. However, few are as good at consistently conveying the factual content the NREMT written exam requires. Therefore, students must read the book, process the information, and practice similar NREMT tests to prepare for the exam. A tall order that often falls short.

Hence, MissionCIT has developed a new NREMT EMT Prep & NREMT Practice Tests system that enables students to benefit from the online content that provides the learning needed to prepare for becoming an EMT and passing the written exam.

What do you get with the EMT Prep & NREMT Practice Tests?

What do you get with the MissionCIT Interactive Study Guides? A lot. The program includes:

  • 45 Chapters with 5 to 10 video lessons each, corresponding to the NHTSA content requirements. So that is over 300 lessons!
  • Interactive Glossaries of key vocabulary so you learn the material in context.
  • Collaborative Questions while watching the videos to test your learning as you go.
  • Content presented the way you learn. Audio, visual, and reading. All are available on PC and mobile devices.
  • Concept Cards to aid your conceptual understanding of the content.
  • Flashcards to further assist with vocabulary.
  • Lesson Summaries to concisely identify what’s most important.
  • NREMT Style questions in 50 and 100-question tests to prepare you for the actual NREMT  exam – We include over 1200 NREMT  style questions in multiple test banks. In addition, we provide evaluation test banks for each area of the NREMT  to spot your weaknesses.
  • As a bonus, we offer skills videos to help you pass the NREMT Psychomotor Exam.

Sound Interesting?

So, if you want to pass the NREMT  Written Exam on your next try, sign up now. If you have any doubts, check out our free study guide to try before you buy. Good Studying!

Note:  Study Guides will be available to sign up on December 1, 2023 – please check back then!  Fill out the form below and we will be sure to get back to you!

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