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Are you an EMS Educator considering Online Interactive NREMT Distributive Education for your Initial EMT Classes? Are you currently teaching Initial EMT Students using PowerPoints and old-fashioned methods? Of course, knowing that today’s students expect interactive and flexible experiences.

What if you could offer an engaging hybrid Initial EMT program and make more money while doing so? Now you can, with the MissionCIT Study-Guides and Online Courseware. We offer two programs: Online Study-Guides only or in addition, Full Online Content on a Learning Management System.

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Why Choose MissionCIT NREMT Distributive Education?

Give Students what they want

Online, flexible, interactive, available on PC and Mobile. Glossaries, flashcards, NREMT exams & more.

Interactive Study Guides

Give your students the best tools to pass the NREMT Written & Psychomotor Exam on their first try.

Learning Management System

Track progress, help keep your class on track, instructor guides for experiential training.

More Students More $$

Today's EMT Student wants flexibility, being able to learn and study on their own time. More students more $$.

Why does the MissionCIT NREMT Distributive Education Work?

Why does this work? First, understand the MissionCIT EMS Educator Philosophy. Most Initial EMT classes are taught in-person or virtually by instructors from PowerPoints. MissionCIT realizes that most EMS instructors are great at providing skills and experiential learning. However, few are as good at consistently conveying the factual content the NREMT written exam requires. Therefore, students must read the book, process the information, and practice similar NREMT tests to prepare for the exam. A tall order that often falls short.

Hence, MissionCIT has developed a new NREMT Distributive Education system that enables Instructors to focus on what they do best – skills and experiential training. We then complement the instructors with the online content that provides the learning today’s students need to prepare for becoming an EMT and passing the written exam.

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What Do Students Get?

Did you know that virtually all MissionCIT Initial EMT Class Students pass the NREMT written exam on the first try? Now, your students can get access to the same interactive Study Guides, enabling them to confidently pass the NREMT exam when using these interactive guides.

Like our Initial Course, these Study Guides prepare our students to think as an EMT. They learn, not memorize, gaining the confidence that they know the material and are fully prepared to do their best.

Sound Interesting?

We encourage you to listen to the Student Study Guide Video to learn more about the content. If you want to learn more about this affordable money-making program, please reach out to us with a phone call or fill out the contact form on this page.

If you have any doubts, check out our free study guide to try before you contact us. Good Teaching!

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