Promotional Interview Preparation Course


Promotional Interview Preparation Course

The Promotional Interview Preparation Course is a Multi part video series to walk you through the promotional interview process. This Course includes the:

  • Types of interviews you may face,
  • Dimensions on which you will be graded,
  • Examples on how to answer some of the common questions,
  • Attire,
  • Tips, and
  • Closing your interview.

We also review how to break down the job description and explain how to organize the “Tell me about yourself” or “How did you prepare for this position” questions, and include an overview of tactical questions, along with a sample tactical simulation. The Course also includes a PowerPoint to follow along with and worksheets to help you prepare.

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The course is available for 90 days once you sign up.

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will be fully prepared to be your best at your promotional interview

Topics for this course

17 Lessons

Promotional Interview Preparation Course

Session 0 | Pre-Course Overview2:37
Session 1 – Introduction12:30
Session 2 – Types of Interviews6:56
Session 3 – Measuring the Dimensions8:23
Session 4 – Job Announcement9:24
Session 5 – Tell Me About Yourself5:26
Session 6A – Putting Questions On Paper3:59
Session 6B – Problem Solving Model8:09
Session 6C – Structured Question Example00:5:02
Session 6D – Structured Questions, Measuring Dimensions Exercise00:2:31
Session 7A – Tactical Overview00:9:21
Session 7B – Tactical w structured Component00:1:46
Session 7C – Incident Action Plan Worksheet Description00:7:10
Session 7D – Tactical Simulation00:13:03
Session 8A – Traps00:3:02
Session 8B – Dress00:7:35
Session 8C – Closing Statement Ending The Interview00:2:15
Entry Level Interview Preparation Course | fire departent ranks | firefigher promotions | fire department promotional testing

Material Includes

  • 16 Videos, 5 handouts, and the course PowerPoint

Target Audience

  • Firefighters, Lieutenants, and Captains ready to interview for your next promotion

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