One on One | Entry Level Interview Preparation


One on One | Entry-Level Interview Preparation | 1.5 Hour Session

The One on One | Entry-Level Interview Preparation is a 1 ½ hour session that can be done in person or through video conferencing.  In this course, we will:

  1. Explain how to break down your resume, section, and bullet point job descriptions
  2. Develop mission statements

Provide practice questions that include:

  1. “Tell Me About Yourself,” and the variations to that question,
  2. Moral and ethical questions
  3. And many others often found in an entry-level interview

Each question will be assessed and reviewed, giving you valuable feedback to assist you in achieving your goal.

Homework to bring:

  1. Resume
  2. Job description
  3. Mission Statement

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will be fully prepared to be your best at your promotional interview
One on One | Promotional Interview Preparation | MissionCIT

Target Audience

  • Individuals interviewing to join the Fire Service.

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MissionCIT provides EMS education, Fire-related training, assessment, and professional services for public safety, focusing on the Fire Service.

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