EMS Care Chapter 25 | Hematologic emergencies


EMS Care Chapter 25 | Hematologic emergencies start with an introduction to the topic and have presentations that cover details on the human blood, the diseases, emergencies, and how to deal with the same.  We subsequently explore  in-depth the following lessons:

  1. What are Hematologic Emergencies?
  2. Diseases.
  3. Patient Assessment.
  4. Special Considerations.

Core Concepts covered :

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of blood.
  • Know hematologic disorders and the complications associated with them.
  • Identify age-related variations.
  • can provide the appropriate prehospital care.

Important Notes

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An Excerpt from the course on Hematologic emergencies

Next, move on to secondary assessment where you can systematically examine the patient. While doing so, focus on major joints at which cells congregate. Also, evaluate and document mental status using the AVPU scale.

Further, obtain a complete set of vital signs, including oxygen saturation level.

In addition, remember, the normal sickle cell crisis vital signs are:

  • Normal to rapid respirations.
  • Weak, rapid pulse.
  • Pale, clammy skin.
  • Low blood pressure.

Use a pulse oximeter, if available, to monitor oxygen saturation, but be aware that the reading may be inaccurate due to the patient’s anemic state.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons38m 40s

EMS Care Chapter 25 | Hematologic emergencies |

Lesson 0 – Chapter Introduction00:01:41
Lesson 1 – What are Hematologic Emergencies?00:03:22
Lesson 2 – Diseases00:12:21
Lesson 3 – Patient Assessment00:11:02
Lesson 4 – Special considerations00:06:31
Lesson 5 – Chapter Review00:03:43
EMS Care Chapter 25 | Hematologic emergencies | QUIZ
EMS Care Chapter 25 | Hematologic emergencies

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