AHA | CPR-BLS for Healthcare Providers

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American Heart Association CPR- BLS for Healthcare Provider certification

4 Hours CME Credit

This online course consists of the equivalent of 4 live classroom hours – including a separate skills assessment. Successful completion of the online course and skills workshop providers you with the official American Heart Association CPR-BLS for Healthcare Provider (re)certification.

The course works as follows:

  • You can take the on-line course at your pace
  • Lessons are presented as follows:
    • Lesson One will provide an Overview of Elements of Basic Life Support
    • Lesson Two covers Airway Management
    • Lesson Three focuses on CPR Skills
    • Lesson Four will go over the AED, and
    • Lesson Five presents Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • After you complete the Bonus Lesson on Team Dynamics, we will update you on the instructions to get your new AHA BLS-CPR Card.
  • You will then take a 25 question written exam.  And you will need to pass with a grade of 84% or better.
  • Upon successful completion of this online course and the written exam, you will then be able to schedule Lesson 6 – your skills workshop.
  • Successful completion of the skills workshop is required to receive your official American Heart Association CPR-BLS for Healthcare Provider certification.
  • MissionCIT takes care of all the paperwork and the AHA submission fee – it’s included in your Skills Assessment course fee.  Note, there is a separate fee for the Skills Assessment, it is not included in this course fee.

Please contact MissionCIT – info@dev2.missioncit.com – if you have any questions!

Questions will be covered during the scheduled chat and video sessions as well.  Look for the schedule and links in the announcements section of this course.

If you want to take both the online course and the skill session for your (re)certification, please pay for this course in the scheduled course section.  Choose a date for your skills session.  Once you have paid, you will be enrolled in this online course. Click here for scheduled courses.
If you only want to take the online course, you can pay here.  The fee for online-only does NOT include the skills session nor the CPR-BLS certification.


What Will I Learn?

  • Successful completion of the on-line course skills workshop results in your official American Heart Association CPR-BLS for Healthcare Provider (re)certification.
  • The course is online, available 24x7 on your schedule. You may review the material as often as you like.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons2h 23m 13s

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

Introduction | AHA BLS – CPR Certification5:58
Lesson 1 | Elements of Basic Life Support (BLS)7:06
Lesson 2a | Airway Management | Physiology5:33
Lesson 2b | Airway Management | Assessment6:15
Lesson 2c | Airway Management | Opening the Airway5:15
Video | Lesson 2c | Opening the Airway Maneuvers1:05
Lesson 2d | Airway Management | Bag Valve Mask (BVM) Technique14:57
Lesson 3a | CPR Skills | Cardiovascular Physiology and the Pathophysiology of Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest8:55
Lesson 3b | CPR Skills | Part B: Primary CPR technique for Adults13:20
Lesson 3c | CPR Skills | Part C – Primary CPR technique for Children & Infants9:01
Lesson 3d | CPR Skills | Part D – CPR Special Conditions and Considerations8:48
Lesson 4a | AED Skills | Part A – AED Basics14:46
Lesson 4b | AED Skills | Part B – Practical Considerations11:17
Lesson 5a | Foreign Body Airway Obstruction | Part A | Adults11:19
Video | Lesson 5a | Responding to an Adult with an Obstructed Airway3:39
Lesson 5b | Foreign Body Airway Obstruction | Part B – Infants, Children11:33

Bonus | BLS-CPR Team Dynamics?

Team Leadership, Team Member Roles, and Effective Team Dynamics

Course Completion and Test Instructions?

Course Completion and Test Instructions for the CPR for Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers course

AHA Basic LIfe Support Exam?

The American Heart Association BLS-CPR Examination for Healthcare Providers

Material Includes

  • 18 Video Lessons
  • 6 Attachments
  • AHA Study Guides
  • AHA Certified Test
  • Certification Paperwork for receiving your card


  • See Course Completion Video at the end of course.

Target Audience

  • Healthcare Professionals requiring BLS-CPR Certification or Re-certification. Includes Medical Professionals, Ambulance Service, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety, Commercial-Industrial-Government Emergency Management

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