Revolutionize firefighter recruitment retention with our 2 day workshop

Join our workshop led by top trainers and learn the retention-first approach to revolutionize firefighter recruitment and retention in your organization. Develop a cohesive and collaborative environment, and master validated strategies to attract and retain top talent for maximum member legacy.

Why Introduce this Workshop to Your Community?

Expert Trainers

Gain insights and validated strategies from top trainers to attract and retain top talent for maximum member legacy

Custom Action Plan

Customize your own firefighter recruitment and retention action plan to implement in your home agency for long-term success

Cohesive Environment

Develop a cohesive and collaborative environment for your organization through a retention-first approach

What you'll learn

Collaborative ANALYSIS

Discover the psychology behind membership decisions in your department through collaborative analysis

Proven Processes for Effecting Change

Learn effective techniques for conducting needs assessments, stakeholder meetings, and action planning to enact change in your organization

Strategies for Attracting Prospective Members

Explore validated strategies for identifying target audiences and attracting new members through recruitment interactions and relevant marketing channels

Creating a collaborative environment

Cultivate a positive and collaborative atmosphere within and outside the firehouse for better team dynamics

Developing a Customized Action Plan

Develop a tailored recruitment and retention action plan for your agency's unique needs

Feedback from Past Workshop Attendees

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Take our quick survey and get a better understanding of where your recruitment and retention efforts stand. With our survey results, you’ll gain valuable insights into the current state of your department’s recruitment and retention strategies, allowing you to make informed decisions on whether our workshop is the right solution for your team’s needs.