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ICEM 001 | Lesson 1 Hazardous Materials Incident Commander Instructor Guide

Lesson Goal

After completing this lesson, the student shall get a brief understanding of what the course is all about.


Upon successful completion of this lesson, the student shall be able to:

  1. Know definitions of Incident Commander and Unified Commander
  2. Understand the responsibilities of the Incident Commander
  3. Know the course goal and objectives
  4. Know what the A-Pie T process is

Intro Slide

  • The hazardous materials incident commander course corresponds to NFPA 1072 Chapter 8

Intro Slide 2

  • Brief course introduction

Definition | Incident Commander

  • The course prepares students to operate safely and efficiently as IC at Hazmat or WMD incident

  • IC shall receive 24 hrs of training equal to the first responder operations level

  • Employer needs to certify the competency of student in certain areas

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