Fire Department Strategic Planning

Fire Department Strategic Planning

Fire Service Consulting test

Fire Department Strategic Planning

Let our expert Fire Service Consulting team show you the way. Part of the Fire Department Strategic Planning process requires a Needs Assessment in which departments are able to recognize their strengths and identify areas in need of development.

Consulting staff will assist fire service department clients in developing a strategic plan that meets the needs of internal and external stakeholders within the community.

Consultant work will collaborate with the fire service department’s administration and membership on how to best prioritize development areas with concrete steps to more efficiently reach their organization’s goals.

The development of long-term goals and objectives is a necessity for budgets that are increasing shrieking.  I

MissionCIT Firefighter All-in-one | Strategic Fire Service | Fire Service Consulting

MissionCIT Firefighter All-in-one | Strategic Fire Service | Fire Service Consulting

t is imperative for fire service departments to have a clear path forward. Our consultants will work collaboratively and focus on the development of:

  • Mission Statement
  • Needs Assessment
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Plans for the Future
  • Areas Needing Improvement
  • Customer Needs
  • Create Strategies for Implementing the Plan
  • Create Strategic Plan Tracking Document
Fire Department Strategic Planning

Fire Department Strategic Planning

Fire Department Strategic Planning
Fire Service Consulting
Fire Service All-in-One
Certification Tests

Pro Board Certification

Highest quality tests, updated to current NFPA standards, and current reference manuals. Leave the hard work of test construction and scoring to our consultants. We build and strengthen your NFPA based test banks and align them to the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and Pro Board Certification correlation sheets.

This provides your organization with a verified and reliable test bank that passes the rigors of third-party initial and re-accreditation.

And, we can securely deliver and administer exams anywhere in the world, responsive to your organizational needs. 

Fire department recruitment and retention plan

Fire department recruitment and retention plan strategies to expand member enrollment, increase involvement and maximize longevity. We actively work with fire departments seeking strategies to expand member enrollment, increase member involvement and maximize member longevity. It has never been more important for fire organizations to focus on this issue, because research is indicating that recruitment is diminishing.

Our team bring expert knowledge and experience into this arena. In order to best understand your department our consultants will develop a survey and needs assessment tool to gauge the morale and satisfaction level of current members. We will work closely with internal and external stakeholders to develop strategies to recruit new members into your department.

Our consultants will also develop long-term retention strategies designed to keep members for the long term. Based upon reliable and valid research, learn the secrets to develop a healthy fire service organization.

Fire department grant writing

So, Fire Department Grant writing is a daunting task in which candidates must detail required information, describe why the organization is most deserving of funding, and clearly express their vision for the usage of funding. Hence, this service is available for fire departments looking to augment and distinguish their candidacy for state, federal, and/or privately funded grant opportunities.

These experts have a proven track record of success in writing AFG and SAFER grants for state and local fire departments. We will work with your department to determine the exact scope of the grant by meeting internal and external stakeholders. We will ensure that all stakeholders understand the grant process and future budget implications for any funding that is awarded.

Our consultants will conduct extensive research on your department and community. We will also provide in-depth narratives and best available budget figures based on the most current costs of personnel and/or equipment.

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Firefighter All-in-one Training

MissionCIT’s Firefighter All-in-one Training program delivers monthly in person courses augmenting your in-house curriculum.  While classes may include Technical Rescue, Chimney fires, RIT, Ropes, Tactical Decision Making, ‘Getting Water down the Street,’ Officer Development, ‘The Aggressive Fireman,’ Ground Command, and much more.

We plan each 12 month series with your training staff, defining your agenda.  Of course, our team of highly respected instructors, led by Pete Morotto, then delivers to the agreed-upon schedule.

In addition, the service works together with MissionCIT’s EMS All-in-one service.