Bantam Fire Company awarded Grant Application written by MissionCIT

Bantam Fire Company wins AFG Grant Written by MissionCIT

Bantam Fire Company wins AFG Grant Written by MissionCIT

Congratulations to Bantam Fire Company for installing their new exhaust system. The MissionCIT team of grant writers wrote the AFG application for Bantam.   We are thrilled to see the project come full circle.


For Fire Departments looking to distinguish their candidacy for state, federal, and privately funded grants.

Grant writing is a daunting task in which candidates must detail required information, describe why the organization is most deserving of funding, and clearly express their vision for the usage of funding.  So, this service is available for fire departments looking to augment and distinguish their candidacy for state, federal, and/or privately funded grant opportunities.

While these experts have a proven track record of success in writing AFG and SAFER grants for state and local fire departments. We will work with your department to determine the exact scope of the grant by meeting internal and external stakeholders. Hence ensuring that all stakeholders understand the grant process and future budget implications for any funding that is awarded.

In addition, our consultants will conduct extensive research on your department and community. We will also provide in-depth narratives and the best available budget figures based on the most current costs of personnel and/or equipment.

Contact us to begin preparations for next year’s application period. We have a highly successful track record of awarded grant applications.

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