Top 10 Reasons to Consider EMT as a Profession in CT

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By now you know what is an EMT, and that it is an exciting and rewarding profession. If you have already made your choice or are considering a career in this field, well, we’ve got some info that might help you make the right decision. Common read on in this blog!

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1. A Sense of Satisfaction

One of the best reasons to be an EMT is that you get to help people in dynamic situations. You can literally be a lifesaver. Your job becomes vital to saving people. Without you in this role, those in an emergency wouldn’t have people to take them to the hospital and attend to them on the scene of an emergency. You will be part of a larger emergency service response that can involve other health and emergency professionals such as firefighters, police, paramedics, etc. to coordinate life-saving care. You will also interact with nursing staff and doctors at hospitals to offer patient records and to relay your own findings from the scene.

2. Growth Potential

EMTs working for an ambulance service treat a variety of medical conditions and these skills are transferable to grow within the medical industry. The knowledge and skills you’ll acquire can help you progress in medical training and career pursuits. As an EMT at a private service, there’s also plenty of opportunities to move up to the career ladder. The majority of doctors and nurses begin their medical careers as EMTs.

3. A Rewarding Career

Healthcare, in general, is one of the fastest-growing job sectors, and there will always be a requirement for qualified and capable EMTs. So this means that you will always have a stable and reliable career.

professional reward

4. Make Life-Long Friends

You’ll build strong interpersonal skills with your colleagues. EMTs generally work as a team and rely on one another for support and assistance. This type of team experience is valuable no matter what your ultimate career aspirations are. Working in EMS will allow you to expand your network, and make meaningful connections with a wide selection of medical professionals.

long lasting friends

5. Physical Fitness

EMTs work physically demanding jobs needing them to lift and transport patients. You must be physically fit and strong enough to avoid serious injury to yourself or your partner. So if you like to stay in shape then this line of work is a great motivator.

physical fitness

6. Constant Learning

When you become an EMT, you’re constantly learning, researching, and practicing new skills, procedures and expanding your knowledge.
To provide the best emergency medical care to your patients, you need to be committed to ongoing education, above and beyond the essential standards.

7. Every Day Is Different

When you decide to become an EMT, you’ll experience that every day is diverse. No two shifts or days or patients are ever the same. In addition to a variety of clinical presentations, you can also enjoy a variety of work environments.

8. Paid Time Off

Unlike other jobs and careers, working with the EMS will give you paid time off. This will give you time to take time off for your family and get paid for them as well.

paid time off

9. Benefits

While on this job, you will have the advantage of having several insurances. These insurances will give you coverage of any type of medical emergency which may arise. Another great benefit of working in the EMS is that you get free life insurance.

10. A Satisfying Career

Your job will allow you to have conversations with fascinating individuals, hear their fulfilling stories and it’s got to be one of the best parts of the job. You will also love the fact that you have a positive impact on the communities you serve.

Key topics covered in an EMT Basic training

The list below shows the breakdown of the modules covered for the EMT-B: National Standard Curriculum.

There are 46 lessons in this core curriculum. Three additional lessons are required to complete the advanced airway elective if offered.

The course includes:
• Preparatory
• Airway
• Patient Assessment
• Medical/Behavioral Emergencies and Obstetrics/Gynecology
• Trauma
• Infants and Children
• Operations
• Advanced Airway (Elective)

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