Fire Service Promotional Testing

Fire Service Promotional Testing

MissionCIT with Strategic Fire Service Consulting (SFSC) is changing the game in fire service promotional testing

MissionCIT has added to its technical platform, the most advanced and secure testing capabilities now available for fire service testing. Combined with the test development and delivery expertise of Strategic Fire Service Consulting, we are able to provide secure, unbiased, content-rich exams that fairly assess the candidates’ abilities per the objectives.

With SFSC, producing written and oral examinations that must pass an exhaustive compliance review before being administered. We carefully craft our written and oral examination questions to target our client requests based precisely upon an established reading list, policies, and collective bargaining agreements. While expert test developers create our questions. And of course, with Strategic Fire Service Consulting CEO, Dr. Jason Decremer leading the process.

Assessing the Modern Firefighter

First, we start by crafting each question to assess a candidate’s cognitive ability to retain and apply information in a series of simulated real-world scenarios. After creating the bank of test questions, Dr. Decremer and his team of test developers thoroughly review the reliability and applicability. Next, a separate panel of Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s), reviews each question ensuring consistency, reliability, and validity for each question. Finally, the panel of SME’s will discard any question that does not meet our strict acceptance criteria. Only after this very exhaustive test design and review process are our test banks delivered to our clients for administration. Questions are continually revised and updated to ensure that test banks are dynamic and target the most current research in the field being assessed.

Advanced Testing Technology | Fire Department Assessment

The MissionCIT platform utilizes advanced technology for test delivery specific to entry and promotional testing needs. The Fire Department Assessment platform and our scoring process assure secure, unbiased testing with immediate results available of the written multiple-choice questions. We can securely test on PCs, laptops, or tablets, or approved locations. MissionCIT proctor(s) would be present on-site to manage the entire process.

So, the same technology enables a candidate to securely take an examination on their own PC or laptop, with remote proctoring, if the examination and local rules permit. It is just as secure as a physically proctored exam. It also allows for candidates to take an exam at a different time for health, religious, or other circumstances that would otherwise disqualify the candidate from sitting for the exam.

Fire Officer Promotional Exam Questions

Written fire officer promotional exam questions may include multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching-pairing, and drag and drop. The types of questions and format will conform with any requests from our clients. The scoring is done per the pre-defined answer to each question. While equally weighting all questions as one point. Hence, with computer tabulation, the results are available immediately.

While human avatars deliver Oral fire officer promotional exam questions via video using the same secure testing platform. Notably, the avatars deliver the questions exactly the same to each person, eliminating delivery bias. Next, videotaping candidate answers using the webcam on the testing workstation. A remote proctor monitors each response assuring proper recordings. While the proctor can intervene if there is a situation where a candidate needs to pause the process and then restart. The agreed-upon time limits are provided to the candidate. In addition, the system warns when time is running out and cuts of the answer at the end of the time period. The candidate may finish early and manually submit their answer when complete.

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The proctor and software can also detect a security violation and can halt the exam pending intervention and review. A local proctor will be present as well. But will be there only to provide security, compliance with the rules, and answer questions regarding the use of the technology. We have created a highly secure scoring and grading platform eliminating the bias present in many standard oral examinations. Finally, tabulating and presenting a list of final scores.

Experienced Team | Innovative Processes

Strategic Fire Service Consulting and MissionCIT are thrilled to be able to provide this service. From our test development process all the way through exam delivery and scoring we provide a testing platform that will revolutionize fire service testing.

For more information on how we can help your agency with testing contact Strategic Fire Service Consulting at [email protected] or visit the MissionCIT Promotional Testing page.