MissionCIT EMT Classes in Connecticut

MissionCIT provides training for first responders. CIT is an acronym for Critical Immersive Training. So, MissionCIT offers training services, publishes internal and 3rd party content, along with a technical platform for hybrid learning. While our initial courses in 2020-2021 offer EMT Classes in Connecticut through Eastern CT Fire School (ECFS) and Litchfield Regional County Fire School.

Eastern CT Fire School Course Listing

We deliver our courses online and through accredited educational entities including fire schools, local and regional fire departments, military schools, and community colleges. End-users include firefighters, EMS personnel, military, and public safety. The platform enables students to sign up for courses with hybrid content through our educational institution partners or directly on our site. The student may take available courses online when convenient, attend virtual study sessions with the course instructor, and schedule skills sessions in a physical classroom setting.

Accredited & Certified Instructors – Opportunity to Share your Knowledge

Third-part instructors and publishers may host their content on the MissionCIT platform, similar to a Udemy or Coursera experience, but with the capabilities for First Responder training.

Litchfield County Regional Fire School Course Listing

MissionCIT authorized instructors receive access to a special distance learning tool available 24x7. In addition, with the MissionCIT hybrid learning engine, instructors may combine online courses with distance and physical classroom settings for skills instruction and validation. Most importantly, if you would like to become an instructor, market online or distance learning courseware, or if you have great content, but need a partner to develop into an online course, please contact us.

Courses for EMTs | Initial New EMTs

MissioncCIT Hybrid EMT Initial Courses are offered as either accelerated 5 week or 12-week courses that include:
  • Human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology
  • Patient Assessment, treatment, and emergency care
  • Patient Transportation
  • Interactive online courses available 24/7
  • Scheduled live distance learning sessions
  • Scheduled live online group study sessions
  • Three (3) skills sessions plus a final skills evaluation

Courses for EMTs | Recertification

So, the EMT NCCP Recertification Course uses hybrid, online, and distance learning. While it meets the NREMTs latest requirement for EMTs, the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP). This program consists of the equivalent of 40 live classroom hours. In addition, meeting the requirements for a minimum of 16 hours of classroom and 24 hours of online training. Finally, skills Validation sessions are included. The course offers:
  • National Component (20 Hours): National component topics include airway and respiration, cardiovascular, trauma, medical, and EMS operations.
  • Local / State Component (10 Hours): MissionCIT offers unique current content, compliant with State recommendations and current events
  • Individual Component (10 Hours): MissionCIT provides CAPCE approved educational content.